A group of university friends started a hunting gear store for hunters and fishermen in the remote wild areas. Eventually a retail business turned in a trophy service for the outdoor enthusiasts in the world biggest bear and moose locations. We have been outfitting in Russia, Ukraine and some other CIS states since 1990. Some field photos of our hunters with their trophies were taken 28 years ago, in the Soviet hunting camps that time!

In August of 1991 our hunters travelled via Moscow where the army tanks shot at the parliament building during the failed coup. My hunters were the first legally permitted foreigners into Sevastopol in the Crimea where we hunted for Woodcock, Red Stag and Mouflon. We wandered Siberia taiga on the army tank rented for $50 in cash (unlimited mileage, gas and driver included) and booked the Mi-8 Russian army helicopter just like you book your flight today.

Hundreds of hunters were served over the years, and we let our trophy pictures talk for us as we can prove it with the facts that you can see. To ensure your hunts with us are successful & your trip is well planned, we actually accompany you from the moment you arrive to Moscow or other airport until your return trip to your home country after the hunt. That makes the hunting adventure be easy and comfortable even for the first time traveler overseas.