Brown bear hunt

The Spring big Brown bear hunt is a great adventure for a quality trophy with thick winter fur. It’s a PH guided safe and exciting trip for your best bear. The hunting method is not physically demanding, involves the use of modern snowmobiles and sleds. The second bear tags are always available. Comfortable accommodation in modernized […]

Giant Moose hunt

The hunt for the Giant Moose is an exciting adventure in October-November. Each year we guarantee  high quality trophies. The hunting method is not physically demanding. Sometimes it involves the use of ATV’s or snowmobiles. The Brown bear and  Snow sheep are available at a fee. The biggest moose measured shot in our camp is […]

Snow sheep hunt

The hunt for Snow sheep in September-October is a 1×1 guided trip up to 10 days long. The on foot hunting method requires some physical fit, involves fairly long shots and stay in the tent camps. The Brown bear and Moose are available at a fee as extra trophies in some locations. Some base camps […]

Grizzly Bear hunt

The Grizzly bear hunt in August-September in a remote area where the local guides and PH’s hunt and farm traditionally, as they have been doing for the decades, near the oat plots from the tree stands and on foot. Additionally the hunters can take the Wild boar, Wolf, Lynx or the biggest grouse Capercaillie at the extra fee. The hunters stay […]

Marco Polo and Ibex hunt

During our Marco Polo hunt in November through March you have a great chance to pick and shoot the best world score ram out of numerous you see daily. It’s a PH guided exciting trip on a fairly flat mountan plateau at approx elevation of 10-12000 ft. The hunting method invoiles the use of the […]

Mouflon & Fallow deer hunt

The Mouflon hunt is exciting and enjoyable, combined with Red stag and Fallow deer hunt that can be taken at extra fee on a flat as a table terrain in the Souuth of Ukraine. The European mouflon (Ovis orientalis musimon) is the westernmost and smallest sub-species of mouflon. It was originally found only on the Mediterranean islands of Corsica and Sardinia, but has […]

Red Stag hunt

European Red stag in Ukraine in September – October is a nice non strenuous hunting and cultural adventure in a wild corner of Ukrainian farming lands for a great price. The hunting method is on foot, from the platform or using the cross country trucks on a fairly flat terrain. The hunters can additionally shoot the […]